CrossFit Tri-County

Ryan Ricard

Ryan Ricard


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

I have always been active in sports all my life, playing football, baseball and beginning in middle school I started wrestling.  Being active and athletic is just part of who I am – I was always working out or going to a gym.  My wrestling career throughout high school became less seasonal and more like a year-long endeavor.  I needed to be in shape year-round.  It wasn’t until 2012, the end of my junior year in high school, that I attended my first class at CrossFit Tri-County.  I wanted to increase my strength and endurance. I had been wrestling above my weight class sophomore and junior year and was always facing the heavier and stronger athlete, it was very tough to go into a match, time and time again, feeling weaker than my opponent. It wore on me mentally and physically.  But CFTC turned that all around for me. It helped my mind and my body. I worked out at CFTC that entire summer and fall before my senior year of wrestling. My strength and endurance increased immensely and my confidence along with it.  With the help of CrossFit, I learned about proper nutrition and eating healthy and I achieved the proper weight to effectively compete in my weight class.

During the first tournament of my senior year I won the championship in my weight class defeating, in the final match, the wrestler, who was the reigning New England All State Champ. It was an amazing accomplishment for me. My coaches were amazed at my transformation.  That season I won the most matches I had ever won in any previous year, going 30-4 for the year. I helped my team win a State Championship, and I personally made it to the State Finals.  For me, the one key factor in my success was CrossFit and it has been a huge part of my life ever since.

I knew after that season that I always wanted to be part of this CrossFit life of health and fitness.  I am looking forward to helping the next young man or lady achieve what they didn’t feel possible.   It is all within reach if to you just take that first step as I did back in 2012.   It could be life changing.