CrossFit Tri-County

Jaileen Lemire

I remember trying CrossFit a couple of times and thinking “I know that I can get in great shape doing this, but is it for me?” The workouts were some of the hardest workouts I had ever done, but I wasn’t sold on it because the places that I tried didn’t scale me back appropriately as a newbie and I was getting crushed. Then I found CFTC, and my mind was instantly changed upon meeting our head coach Scott. He taught me how CrossFit is supposed to work, and how to slowly build me up to get me stronger physically and mentally. So much so that I found myself needing to want to help people change their lives and became a coach myself, taking my CrossFit Level 1 in November 2018.  I was the girl who never played a sport in high school. Never was a part of a team, never understood what it felt like to be an athlete. CrossFit helped me become an athlete. I’ve learned how to power lift almost triple my bodyweight, Olympic weight-lift, even gymnastics like walking on my hands, ring muscle ups and handstand push ups. I’ve cut my mile time in half. The list goes on and continues to go on because it doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger, faster, fitter. Here at CFTC we lift people up and turn you into the best version of yourself. CrossFit is for everyone, especially with our group of caring coaches who will help guide you every step of the way.