CrossFit Tri-County



We have made great strides on these lifting clinics.

We went over Clean pulls helping understand triple ext hips open. creating power. staying on heels as long as possible.

Rack postion meeting the bar with great timing. that was the tall clean. not letting bar crash on you. explosive power, not pulling early, having patience, shoulders hips rise same time. not butt first. 3rd pull is pulling under.Making contact with the rebend, set up postion. weight in mid foot.
now lets get some great lifts in.
Coaches will go over all this quickly then some good moibilty stretches to help with this lift. If it feels good go for it. if not go back down and focus on technique. it has to make sence for you.

Power Clean 5reps@50% 4 reps @60% 3 reps @70% 2 reps @80% 1 rep @90% 1 reps @95% 1 rep @ 100 percent