CrossFit Tri-County

About CFTC

WELCOME TO CrossFit Tri-County


No Egos | No Bad Attitudes | No Negativity

We Work Together | We Grow Stronger Together | Together We Know No Limits


At CFTC, we work together to break down our personal barriers and do things we never thought we were capable of, our staff is committed to your success.   Training is intense and creates a unique bond between our members that is difficult to replicate.  Community is the greatest aspect of CrossFit and we strive to nurture an environment that is supportive of all members.

Training at CFTC is not easy.  The best things in life, never are.  However, every day we strive to become better, encourage one another to push past boundaries, and support one another regardless of our fitness levels. Through persistence and continual effort, we become better… together.