CrossFit Tri-County



At minute 0, perform:
Row 1000 meters for time

In the remaining time on a 25 minute clock, build to ONE of the following (athlete’s choice):
1 rep max Deadlift
1 rep max Clean (any variation)
1 rep max Snatch (any variation)

At the 25 minute mark, perform:
Row 1000 meters for time

* Record time to complete each row as your score (indicate lift of choice and 1RM in notes)

Coach’s Notes:
– The goal is to have very similar times on each row, and ideally a faster time on the second one. A rule of thumb is a tough 80-85% effort on the first one, and a very tough 95-100% effort on the second.
– This workout is a rare opportunity to choose your own adventure.
– Any variation of the Clean or Snatch is allowed – Squat, Power, Hang, etc. Choose one with which you are confident/proficient.
Scoring: Time