CrossFit Tri-County

Before & After


Darrelle when she first started CrossFit at CFTC in September 2012

In January of 2012 I weighed a little over 200 lbs and was miserable with the way I looked and felt.  Being active almost my whole life, I felt like I was trapped in a body that wasn’t mine.  I hated going out because I knew I’d be trying on clothes in front of the mirror for over an hour and when the clothes didn’t fit or didn’t look good, I’d end up disappointed and feeling worse about myself.  I wouldn’t leave the house unless my arms were covered up… I was so embarrassed.  I knew I needed to change.  I tried a CrossFit affiliate nearby, but only went 2-3 times a week because I felt intimidated and wasn’t really seeing results as quick as I had hoped.  I liked the sport of CrossFit because it brought me back to my powerlifting roots, but I didn’t feel any community support (the coach didn’t even know my name despite the fact that I took only his classes 3 times a week for 5 months) and I always felt out of place around the RX athletes.  I was stuck on the black band for pull-ups and wasn’t progressing past the lowest box for box jumps.  After a vacation in May of 2012, I quit CrossFit all together.  Over the summer, I undid the little progress that I had made, which made being in a swimsuit downright unbearable.  Then, I saw that Ashley and Scott were opening up CrossFit Tri-County. In September, I dove back into CrossFit and haven’t looked back since.  CFTC has been a completely different CrossFit experience.  In the beginning, I struggled through the WODs,


Darrelle After 9 Months of CrossFit


I had to walk during a lot of the runs, I battled with pull-ups on a black band, but I was always encouraged by the other athletes (who I hoped to one day be like) and I was pushed to keep moving and constantly challenge myself by Scott and Ashley.  I started out with WODs 3 times a week, then bumped it up to 4.  I started seeing greater results in strength, cardio, and weight loss.  In January of 2013, I got my first unassisted pull-up.  This was a game changer.  A year ago, I honestly thought that I would NEVER get an unassisted pull-up.  I looked up to the athletes that had kipping pull-ups and just had it in my mind that that was something I would never be able to do.  After proving myself so wrong, “never” and “can’t” were no longer in my vocabulary.  I stopped cherry-picking the WODs and committed to working on everything: strengths, weaknesses, and things I once thought were impossible.  I bumped up my training to 5 days a week and incorporated some Paleo into my diet and that has gotten me where I am today: I’m down 46 lbs and dropped 6 pant sizes, I ran a 10k (without extra training, just CrossFit), I’m RXing most WODs, I look and feel stronger than I ever have, and I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time.  I’ve made so many new friends at CFTC and I love being there.  I’m so excited to see what the future holds!



Jess in the beginning of her CrossFit journey.

I had always been the tall, skinny one my entire life eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted without consequence, until I hit my college years.  That’s when my carb-overloaded eating and bad habits really started showing.  My weight consistently went up and up and up, from 135 pounds at 18 years old all the way to 169 pounds by the time I was 24 and getting married and desperately tried to lose weight.  For 6 months before my wedding I paid a personal trainer about $1500 dollars for individual private training and small group training, not seeing ANY results, whatsoever.  This was disappointing and frustrating but I decided I would try to eat healthier.  By that, I thought eating smart ones meals, diet soda, whole wheat bread and 100 calorie pack snacks was going to help me lose weight. But from 24 years old to 28 years old I gained even more weight, going from 169 up to 184.  I hated shopping for clothes and the last year I basically refused to buy anything new, I was wearing a size 12/15 pants, my arms were getting so big all the sleeves on clothes were really tight, I hadn’t worn shorts in a couple years, and when you want to cry in a dressing room because nothing fits, that was pretty much rock bottom for me.  Last spring, my husband had told me about crossfit so we started to see where there was a location around us and saw one in Franklin, I was about to sign both of us up when literally, that day, in the mail we got a magazine with a coupon for CFTC, we immediately bought the package deal and signed up to start in September. The first night was exciting but also scary because I felt so inadequate. But that first night hooked me making me realize I could be better than what I was, and my goals quickly turned from getting “skinny” again and losing weight, to wanting to get

Jess after 9 months at CFTC.

stronger and faster (and in shape).   The positive support, community and coaches have pushed

to me to become what I thought I could never be not only affecting my ability in the crossfit but in all aspects of my life.  Over 9 months later, I have lost over 26 lbs, lots of inches, and competed in my first RX competition and can’t wait for more!









Danielle before CrossFit

People in my life are still in shock when they find out that I do Crossfit. I remember my first time visiting the box to see my husband, Matt compete in an in house throw down. I was introduced to Anne Tassinari, and I clearly remember telling her, “I would die before I join this place.” Well I am not dead, and I go Crossfit 5 or 6 times a week. I started on-ramp in January after my husband surprised me with signing me up the night before it started. My only saving grace was that he sign both my mom, Cyndi and I up for it (although she was a willing participant right away… I was not so much). I went to the classes thinking how hard can it be…and remembering it was only for a month. That first week I thought I was going to die every morning I woke up. My friends at work joked about not seeing me around the school, and the reason was clear… My room was on the second floor and I was only doing those stairs twice, once in the morning and once when it was time to go. As on-ramp came to a close, I was started to enjoy it, and became really close to people in my on-ramp class. Then reality hit, we would have to go to real classes!!! In true fashion, as I can never do anything quiet or small. My first main class I had a full blown panic attack and cried! True story. I couldn’t even hide it, when I started to cry I ran to the bathroom trying to calm myself down. Coach Ash came in, as I’m sure she was totally confused as to what was going on. We talked a bit and I started relaxing, then I walked out of the bathroom and completed my first WOD. It wasn’t til I was totally dying, barely trying to finish, that I realized how unique Crossfit and our box really was. Our community is so supportive, as everyone pushes you to do the best you possibly can. Since then, Crossfit has really changed my life. I went from being 100% unmotivated and unwilling to workout, to loving going to the gym and missing it when I can’t. Not only has my outlook towards fitness changed, I have lost weight, dropped dress sizes and tons of inches all around. I recommend Crossfit to

Danielle after 10 months of CrossFit.

everyone, no matter what your ability, no matter what your current state, Crossfit can truly change your life. As I continue to go to classes, every WOD is challenging, but the friendships that I have made are irreplaceable. We not only work out together at the box, but have dinners, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and support each other during competitions. All I can say is, clearly my husband knows me better than I do, as I love Crossfit Tri-County!!!


I just wanted to shoot you guys a thank you. I decided today was the day I needed to hear up for fall and winter after getting rid of three trash bags worth of clothes from last winter. Today I weighed myself and saw that I’ve lost 60lbs since joining CFTC in February, so I celebrated with some shopping. I’m down from. 42 relaxed fit jean to a 38 straight. I went from size xxl shirts and pants to xl and even large shorts. I can’t thank you enough. I mean it from the bottom of my heart, you guys have changed my life forever. Thank you for helping become a part of such a wonderful community! I hope you have an amazing weekend. I’ll see you next week to kick some ass and take some names because I’m only halfway to where I want to be!


Heidi Before CrossFit

I joined CFTC in February of 2013.  I joined hoping to lose the 17 lbs I had gained through my husband’s illness.   I had struggled with my weight my entire life and needed to get things back on track.  I was disappointed to find that I had actually gained weight during Onramp.  I kept going to class and the next month I started eating Paleo and stayed the same.  I was still frustrated but decided to see this through and by the end of my 3rd week on Paleo I started to lose weight.  I also noticed that my clothes were fitting differently and my body was changing. As time went on it became less about losing weight and more about Crossfit. I love coming to the gym and feeling like a part of a community.  When you walk in the door you are greeted by the

Heidi After 10 months of CrossFit

smiles of the Coaches and other athletes that are happy to see you.  They inspire you and cheer you on every night.  The workouts are tough but rewarding.  I started seeing progress and it

made me want to work harder. In the past Nine months at CFTC I have lost 25lbs and many many inches.  I was wearing a tight size 14 when I started and I now wear a size 6 or 8. What I have gained has been the most important – Confidence, Positive Attitude, and Self Esteem to name a few.   My family has seen the positive changes and they have supported me every step of the way. I honestly don’t know where I would be if I had not joined in February. This has been life changing for me.


“How do I even begin to thank you for changing my life for the better?! Before meeting you and coming to CrossFit I was your typical mom, caring for my family, but not myself. My husband finally wore me down and brought me to you. I can honestly say, it’s the best thing that I’ve done for myself EVER! In such a short time you’ve done the impossible – made me start eating right and working out! These past few weeks have been the toughest physically and emotionally, but I keep coming back because of you! You always welcome me with a smile and actually took the time to know all of our names. You’ve taken the time that I’ve needed to teach me to do things that I never thought possible and even when I came in last for every single task, you and the group always made me feel like I was first! It will be a long road to meet my goals, and I know it’s not going to be easy, but I needed you, Ashley and Scott, to know how much you’ve helped me. My kids, my husband and especially me thank you!!”  –Tara Wosny

“Hi Ashley and Scott!
I just wanted to say thank you so very much – not just for the fab program – but after 12 years of marriage – things start to just … BE… Doing this with [my husband] has added such an amazing dimension to our relationship – kinda like we’re dating again…. What you guys provide is more than just a membership to good health – it is about connecting – or reconnecting smile thank you to you both xoxox !” –Michelle Perrotti


“CFTC is a great organization. Ashley and Scott have created a a comfortable atmosphere where anyone of any skill level will feel at home working out there. The coaches and athletes provide an encouraging support system to push your physical and mental limits, and to help you create and break through goals. You will feel amazing when you complete a class at CFTC!


“It’s been exactly 1 month today since I last weighed myself and I have lost 10lbs. CFTC has been the driving factor. I WANT to go to every class I can, I LOVE being there, I’m PUSHED to my max and I make healthy food choices everyday because why work that hard for nothing? I’m so excited to keep pushing on to become the best me I can be – strong, healthy and determined. Thanks so so much Scott and Ashley!” -Darrelle Clifford


“A month and a few weeks into a new community called CrossFit Ti County, I must say I have found a home. The last time I felt this comfortable was with my military unit. I have met some great people, formed new friendships, pushed myself to new limits and led by 2 great coaches, who every class push me, expecting the best out of each workout. “You got this” has been forged in my head and all I hear when working out. Thank you. You have built and continue to build a successful organization.” –Rick Grover