CrossFit Tri-County

Danielle Cann

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People in my life are still in shock when they find out that I do Crossfit. I remember my first time visiting the box to see my husband, Matt compete in an in house throw down. I was introduced to Anne Tassinari, and I clearly remember telling her, “I would die before I join this place.” Well I am not dead, and I go Crossfit 5 or 6 times a week. I started on-ramp in January after my husband surprised me with signing me up the night before it started. My only saving grace was that he sign both my mom, Cyndi and I up for it (although she was a willing participant right away… I was not so much). I went to the classes thinking how hard can it be…and remembering it was only for a month. That first week I thought I was going to die every morning I woke up. My friends at work joked about not seeing me around the school, and the reason was clear… My room was on the second floor and I was only doing those stairs twice, once in the morning and once when it was time to go. As on-ramp came to a close, I was started to enjoy it, and became really close to people in my on-ramp class. Then reality hit, we would have to go to real classes!!! In true fashion, as I can never do anything quiet or small. My first main class I had a full blown panic attack and cried! True story. I couldn’t even hide it, when I started to cry I ran to the bathroom trying to calm myself down. Coach Ash came in, as I’m sure she was totally confused as to what was going on. We talked a bit and I started relaxing, then I walked out of the bathroom and completed my first WOD. It wasn’t til I was totally dying, barely trying to finish, that I realized how unique Crossfit and our box really was. Our community is so supportive, as everyone pushes you to do the best you possibly can. Since then, Crossfit has really changed my life. I went from being 100% unmotivated and unwilling to workout, to loving going to the gym and missing it when I can’t. Not only has my outlook towards fitness changed, I have lost weight, dropped dress sizes and tons of inches all around. I recommend Crossfit to everyone, no matter what your ability, no matter what your current state, CrossFit can truly change your life. As I continue to go to classes, every WOD is challenging, but the friendships that I have made are irreplaceable. We not only work out together at the box, but have dinners, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and support each other during competitions. All I can say is, clearly my husband knows me better than I do, as I love CrossFit Tri-County!!!