CrossFit Tri-County

Jessica Yttredahl

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I had always been the tall, skinny one my entire life eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted without consequence, until I hit my college years.  That’s when my carb-overloaded eating and bad habits really started showing.  My weight consistently went up and up and up, from 135 pounds at 18 years old all the way to 169 pounds by the time I was 24 and getting married and desperately tried to lose weight.  For 6 months before my wedding I paid a personal trainer about $1500 dollars for individual private training and small group training, not seeing ANY results, whatsoever.  This was disappointing and frustrating but I decided I would try to eat healthier.  By that, I thought eating smart ones meals, diet soda, whole wheat bread and 100 calorie pack snacks was going to help me lose weight. But from 24 years old to 28 years old I gained even more weight, going from 169 up to 184.  I hated shopping for clothes and the last year I basically refused to buy anything new, I was wearing a size 12/15 pants, my arms were getting so big all the sleeves on clothes were really tight, I hadn’t worn shorts in a couple years, and when you want to cry in a dressing room because nothing fits, that was pretty much rock bottom for me.  Last spring, my husband had told me about crossfit so we started to see where there was a location around us and saw one in Franklin, I was about to sign both of us up when literally, that day, in the mail we got a magazine with a coupon for CFTC, we immediately bought the package deal and signed up to start in September. The first night was exciting but also scary because I felt so inadequate. But that first night hooked me making me realize I could be better than what I was, and my goals quickly turned from getting “skinny” again and losing weight, to wanting to get stronger and faster (and in shape).   The positive support, community and coaches have pushed me to become what I thought I could never be not only affecting my ability in the crossfit but in all aspects of my life.  Over 9 months later, I have lost over 26 lbs, lots of inches, and competed in my first RX competition and can’t wait for more!