CrossFit Tri-County


Official Grand Opening Party!








Come down to CrossFit Tri County for our Official Grand Opening Party! Learn about CrossFit, our culture and the community at CFTC, meet our coaching team and meet some great people! There will be workouts
for people of all abilities.
So bring your family and friends and come support us! We will have food and drinks available for all!

When: Saturday, August 18  9:00am – 5:00pm

What: CrossFit Tri County’s Official Grand Opening

Where: CFTC 260 Maple St. Bellingham, MA 02019

Who: YOU!

How: Stop in at anytime on Saturday!

CrossFit Tri County is a strength and conditioning facility that helps individuals, athletes and teams achieve elite fitness through constantly varied,  high intensity, functional movements. We are located at 260 Maple St. Bellingham next to Quiggs
Gymnastics, in a 5,500 square foot facility that is 100% CrossFit.  We scale load and intensity, not programming. Elite athletes to grandparents can take… the same class and work and sweat beside one another.

At CFTC, we work together to break down our barriers and do things we never thought we were capable of. Our training is intense and this creates a bond between  our members that cannot be replacated. Community is the greatest aspect of CrossFit.
At CFTC, there are no egos, no bad attitudes. We work together to expose weaknesses.  Together we get stronger. Together we know no limits.

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