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Saturday, September 14


Pops is 73 and comes to CFTC 5 days per week, he has been coming since we opened on August 1 and today, he PR’d all of his lifts in CF Total. He is an inspiration to all of us!

Saturday Sweatfest

Teams of 3:

Row 1500m (relay, switch every 250m)
Run 1200m (relay, each runs 400m)
60 Box Jumps (30, 24,20) Step up allowed everyone must do 30 box jumps, not in a row but each needs to get 30 d0ne. Each athlete must use a different height box.
60 Burpees (break it up anyway you can)
60 Box Jumps
1200m Run
1500m Row

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*WOD courtesy of CFNE.

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