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In-House Throw Down Team Update!


Due to Hurricane Sandy, CFTC will be closed for the remainder of the day today, Monday, 10/29, we do not want to put our athletes in danger while driving to class, so stay home and be safe! We will keep you posted on our schedule for tomorrow.

Ok guys, we had several people drop out of the competition, so we’ve had to re-arrange teams. We’ve tried our best to preserve the teams we previously posted. Registration is closed, so if you missed out, please make sure you register early next time! Also, if you are not competing, we need 11 judges! Talk to Scott or I for more information.

Team 1
Mark Tiede
Darrelle Clifford
Micaela Hersee

Team 2
Kevin Whalen
Leigh Anne Pendlebury
Rick Grover

Team 3
Dave Estrada
Danny Yttredahl
Kerri Flynn

Team 4
Eric Newby
Dennis O’Brien
Jess Yttredahl

Team 5
Leah Alexander
Dave Storm St. Cyr
Ann Flynn

Team 6
Ryan Ricard
Derick St. Cyr
Kate Riel

Team 7
Doug Fisher
Anne Tassinari
Matt Cann

Team 8
Tom Marston
Ashley Robichaud
Paula McEvoy

Team 9
Spenser Finnestad
Roland Goodell
Liz Lerner

Team 10
Brian McEvoy
Colleen Cushing
Carrie Truscott

Team 11
Annette Fitzgerald
Rick Chiachio
Tara Wosny


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