CrossFit Tri-County


Monday, December 24

“Elf Yourself”

teams of two, complete the following for time:

200m relay sprint

50 box jumps (24,20), partner handstand hold

200m run backwards

50 pull-ups, partner squat hold

200m overhead plate carry relay (45,25)

50 KBS (53,35), partner jump rope

200m resistance run with band

50 partner wall balls (20,14)

200m run, 0:10 sprint, 10 puships

50 K2E, partner plank hold

1500m row, partner jump rope

150 burpees


* you have the opportunity to earn no burpee and more burpee cards throughout the WOD. Check the whiteboard at the end to see if you have to do more or less than 150 Burpees!


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