CrossFit Tri-County


December “Frequent WOD Club”

Annette has made a lot of progress since she started, and coming 22 times in one month is the way to do it! Way to go Annette!

Each month, we will be announcing those members who came the most frequently throughout the previous month. A big congrats to the people below for being so dedicated!

Most Frequent WODer: Annette Fitzgerald (22 visits)

15+ Visits:
Annette Fitzgerald
Leigh Anne Pendlebury

10 – 15 Visits:
Bruce Hurst
Liz Lerner
Brett Bouvier
Dave DeMello
Brian McEvoy
Deb Morandi
Carrie Truscott
Ken Fitzgerald
Jay Ratikin
Doug Fisher
Leah Alexander
Joanie Mitchell
Tory Berlinger
Adam Thibault
Tara Wosny
Matt Cann
Tom Marson
Kate Riel
Dennis O’Brien
Jill Wesnewski
Jess Yttredahl
Judy Ricard

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