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January’s Member of the Month: Tara Wosny

Tara Before


January starts the first month that we will be having a member of the month. This person is someone who has inspired Scott and I and their classmates.

45lbs. later, this is Tara now.

Appropriately, our first month’s “Member of the Month” is Tara Wosny. She has inspired the entire CFTC community with not only her weight loss progress, but her positive attitude and new confidence. She has lost 45lbs to date, won the Paleo Challenge and has been getting so strong, most importantly, she comes consistently. We are so proud of just how far Tara has come since her first On Ramp class back in September, I can honestly say that she is not the same person as she was 4 months ago. Tara is an amazing person who can light up an entire room and is a great role model for people who aren’t sure if they can do CrossFit.

1. How did you get involved with CrossFit?
My husband was signing up and I went along for the ride never intending on signing up.

2. What was your first main class WOD?
It was so scary and intimidating, but everyone was so welcoming to have the newbies. I didn’t cry or throw up!

3. Tell us about your first on ramp class.
I threw up after the run and barely finished it. I cried the whole way home and couldn’t walk the next day without help from my husband and lots of Advil.

4. When did you realize CrossFit was for you?
I got so much support from my family, but was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from CFTC. Scott and Ashley pushed and believed in me when I didn’t. During on ramp I was doing a run, dead last and convinced I couldn’t finish. Another person ran back out to me and ran the rest of the way pushing me through to the end telling me I could do it! In the middle of a WOD when you have nothing left and everyone around you is helping you finish, cheering you on convinced that you can do what you think is impossible. Moments like these are a few of many to make me realize that CrossFit is for me. I’m getting stronger and feel great with so much more to accomplish, and I’ll never go back to the old me.

5. What are your short/long term goals?
Double unders and pullups!!!

6. What are your favorite movements? Least favorite?
No surprise….burpees are my least favorite!! I’m learning to love to run, deadlifts, thrusters and clean and jerks.

7. What is your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment is not quitting! Never thought I’d make it through onramp. The weight loss and getting stronger is a huge bonus!

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