CrossFit Tri-County


Frequent WOD Club: January 2013


Joanie, one of our first ever members, came 19 times in January along with 4 others!

In the month of January, we saw 21 new athletes join CFTC in On Ramp and our main classes were a lot busier! We had a lot of athletes step up their game and the frequency that they attended classes. This month, we have a 5-way tie between the most number of visits.

19 total WODs at CFTC for the month of January for: Joanie Mitchell, Leigh Anne Pendlebury, Jason Rakitin, Carrie Truscott and Tara Wosny! Great job you guys, keep up the hard work!

15+ WODs
Joanie Mitchell (19)
Leigh Anne Pendlebury (19)
Jason Rakitin (19)
Carrie Truscott (19)
Tara Wosny (19)
Jess Yttredahl (18)
Tom Marston (17)
Danny Yttredahl (17)
Tory Berlinger (16)
Adam Thibault (16)
Matt Cann (15)
Kevin Doyle (15)
Liz Lerner (15)
Kate Riel (15)

10-14 WODs
Dennis O’Brien (14)
Amy O’Hara (14)
John Wosny (14)
Sam Brodeur (13)
Annette Fitzgerald (13)
Judy Ricard (13)
Anne Tassinari (13)
Missy Gaita (12)
Todd Brodeur (12)
Rick Grover (12)
Lisa Hsieh (12)
Deb Morandi (12)
Eric Newby (12)
Jim Perrotti (12)
Jill Wasnewski (12)
Leah Alexander (11)
Brett Bouvier (11)
Nancy Cassano (11)
Kevin David (11)
Bruce Hurst (11)
Michelle Perrotti (11)
Dan Burkholder (10)
Darrelle Clifford (10)
Ken Drainville (10)
Ken Fitzgerald (10)
Chris Kent (10)
Mark Tiede (10)

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