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June’s Member of the Month: Amy O’Hara

Amy at the Internal Throw Down

We are happy to say that June’s Member of the Month is Amy O’Hara. Amy started at CFTC in September and Scott and I are both so proud of how far she has come, not only in her physical changes, but her strength and endurance gains as well. Amy’s strength has gone through the roof over the last few months, she got her pullups a few months back and has been RX’ing WODs on a regular basis. We cannot wait to see what the future as in store for her!

1. How did you get involved with CrossFit?
I first got involved in September 2012 by my friend Darrelle! She had tried it before at another location and found CFTC had just opened up and thought we should do it together!!

2. What was your first main class WOD?
My first main class WOD was Fuzzy Rabbit AMRAP 15 5 push ups, 10 OHS, and 15 pullups. According to my book I was doing scaled push ups, 25# OHS and black band for pullups!!!

3. Tell us about your first on ramp class.
First on ramp class was a little scary. I was definitely nervous going by myself because I thought me and Darrelle would be doing it together but it didn’t work out that way since she had already done her on ramp at another location!! It turned out to be not bad at all!! All the 9am ladies were super friendly and supportive of one another and still are to this day!

4. When did you realize CrossFit was for you?
I realized crossfit was for me probably after my second month of main classes. I was starting to see a difference in how my clothes fit and I was just excited that I finally found something that was fun to go to and enjoyed being with the people there unlike the same old boring routine at the gym.

5. What are your short/long term goals?
Short term goals would be DUS, and rope climbs with more practice I’m sure I will get them in no time. Long term goal would be muscle ups

6. What is/are your favorite wod/movement? Least favorite?
As of now least favorite WOD is Karen (150 wall balls) and movement would be rowing. Favorite movement would be Split Jerk and WOD if I had to pick something Crossfit Total ( establish a 1RM in 3 attempts of squat, deadlift, and press)

7. What is your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment would be sticking with it for as long as I have. I never thought that this was something that I would be able to do or even thought I would ever be able to RX WODS. With all the supportive help from Coach Scott and Ashley as well as all of the members it has made it that much easier to enjoy working out and feeling good about myself!

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