CrossFit Tri-County


Tuesday, July 23

20130722-230922.jpgAnthony is getting so strong!

CFTC’s Bring a Friend Day!

Teams of 4 complete:
2500m Row (1 athlete at a time)
50 Box Jumps (20, 20)
50 KBS (35, 26)
300m Team Run w/ Plate Overhead (15, 10)
300 DUs
50 Sit-ups
50 Pull-ups
300m Team Run Backwards
50 Squats
150m Farmers Carry (35, 26) – each athlete must complete this
50 T2B
50 Burpees
200m Team Run

*After the row, at all stations, except for the runs, 1 athlete works, 1 athlete rests, 1 athlete hangs from a bar, 1 athlete holds a plank. After the first run, athletes switch to plank/squat hold. After last run athletes switch back to bar hang/plank hold. No work may be done until the squat/plank holds are being held. Athletes divide work as they desire.

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