CrossFit Tri-County


Throw Down Teams Announced!

Below are the teams for the Throw Down. Reach out to your teammates, come up with a team name and costumes! Be sure to email Ashley your team name:

WODs will be announced this week!

Drop it like a squat
Ashleigh Wosny
Ann Irons
Lauren Randazzo

Clean Machines
Jill Wasnewsky
Jess Godfrey
Roland Goodell

Buff Beauties
Tara Wosny
Heidi Johnson
Ashley Hedtler

Purple Cobras
Anthony Panico
Alicia Lacroix
Taylor Wosny

Walls Deep
Matt Cann
Katie Barbour
Jen Seabury

Brett Bouvier
Nicole Lopez
Carrie Truscott

The Real Housewives of CFTC
Jess Yttredahl
Cheryl Powers
Sue Bouvier

Beauty & the Beasts
Brian Heno
Nick Hurst
Kim Bartnik

Mighty Minions
Anne Tassinari
Bruce Hurst
Danielle Cann

Saved by the Kettlebell
Darrelle Clifford
Katie Checca
Leannea Richards

Snatch ‘Em by Surprise
Meghan Piedmonte
Dan Marston
John Rotatori

Paleo Rowers
Lindsay Bulso
Gerri Mathews
Dan Burkholder

Perrotti’s Plus One
Ryan Ricard
Michelle Perrotti
Jim Perrotti

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