CrossFit Tri-County


Fall Face Off Team Throw Down Timeline & Heats

Heat 1      WOD 1: 9:00am    WOD 2: 11:00am   WOD 3: 12:00pm
Drop it like a Squat
Buff Beauties
Purple Cobras
Clean Machine

Heat 2     WOD 1: 9:35am    WOD 2: 11:20am    WOD 3: 12:20pm
Walls Deep
Saved by the Kettlebell
Paleo Rowers
Real Housewives of CFTC

Heat 3   WOD 1: 10:10am    WOD 2: 11:40am   WOD 3: 12:45pm
Perrotti’s Plus One
Snatch Em by Surprise
Beauty & the Beasts
Mighty Minions

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