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Throw Down WODs Recapped & Scoring Information

Athlete Info
Please arrive no later than 8:15am tomorrow, there will be an athlete meeting at 8:30am and the first heat will kick off promptly at 9:00am. You are responsible for warming up and mobilizing on your own, there will not be a coach-led warm up! There will be an athlete warm up area with mobility bands, lax balls, barbells, etc. Also, you will be here for the majority of the day, so plan meals accordingly. Bring a cooler with water, food, protein and whatever you need to make it through the day whilst completing several WODs. We will have water available for purchase. Please clean up after yourselves and any mess you may have made. Also, no unsupervised children.

Scoring for this throw down is simple. You are trying to accumulate as few points as possible. 1 point for 1st place, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd and so on. At the end of the day, all of the points are added together, the team with the least number of points, wins. There is no final WOD and all WODs are weighed equally. Prizes will be announced tomorrow morning.

Floaters – “Speed Racer” is the WOD used to rank teams for the Tug O War, it only counts for your seed in the Tourney, it will not count for toward your placement at the end of the day. After everyone has completed Speed Racer, we will rank the teams 1-13 for the Tug O War Tournament. The 1st seeded team will get a BYE to the semi final round. In the first round, the following seeded teams will play each other:

2 vs. 13
3 vs. 12
4 vs. 11
5 vs. 10
6 vs. 9
7 vs. 8

The teams that lose in the 1st round will get 4 points, if you lose in the quarter finals you will receive 3 points, if you lose in the semi finals, 2 points and if you lose in the finals you will get 1 point.

WOD 1: “Team Jackie”
Each athlete must complete:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters (45, 35)
30 Jumping Pullups

*Stadium style, athlete 1 begins row, once athlete 1 has completed row and is onto thrusters, athlete 2 may begin row. If athlete 2 finishes the row before athlete 1 finishes the thrusters, they must wait before they can begin and athlete 3 may not begin the row. Athletes cannot pass one another. There is 1 barbell per team. 28 minute time cap.

WOD 2: “Ain’t Nuffin Buddah Peanut”
In 12 minutes, teams must complete:
2000m Run
Then in remaining time:
2RM Partner Deadlift
2RM Split Jerk

*1 athlete runs at a time, as a team you must accumulate 2000m. In the remaining time, 2 athletes must complete a 2RM deadlift and the third athlete completes a 2RM split jerk from the rack. The athletes doing the deadlift may not do the split jerk and visa versa. Barbells may not be pre-set before the run. There will be 3 separate scores for this WOD: 2000m run, deadlift and split jerk.

WOD 3: “Bump & Grind”
50 Overhead Walking Lunges (25, 15)
50 Burpee Partner Hops
50 Box Jumps (20)
50 Air Squats (14, 10)
50 Hand Release Pushups
300 Single Unders
*12 minute time cap

1 athlete works at a time, as a team, get the work done. Any reps not completed will be added onto your time.

Floater WOD: “Speed Racer”
150m Tire Drag (50)

*As a team, drag the tire 150m with 50# loaded in the tire. Tire must stay on the ground. Your time for this WOD will be used to seed you for the Tug O War Tournament. This Floater WOD must be completed no later than 12:00pm, you may do this WOD anytime between 9:00am – 12:00pm no need to schedule ahead of time, just head outside, check in with a judge and get it done.

“Tug O War Tourney”
Good ol’ game of Tug O War. Ranked teams will play each other in a first round, quarter, semi and finals. The first seeded team from Speed Racer will have a BYE directly to the quarter finals. The first team to pull the opposing team over the line, wins. If an athlete touches the ground with anything but his/her feet (ie: knee, hand, etc), that person must step aside. The tourney begins at 1:30pm and will be the final event of the day. You MAY use bitch mittens. 🙂

Heats will be posted today!




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