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Healthy Living Challenge Teams Announced!

First some details:

Dates: February 1 – March 17

The benchmark WOD will be completed in classes all day Monday. All measurements, weighins and photos must be completed in the first week.

Teams have until Monday, February 3 to come up with a team name. If you don’t know someone on your team, please email me for their contact info.

The purpose of the team challenge is to hold each other accountable. I expect you guys to share phone numbers/email addresses and check up on each other every day.

Let the trash talkin begin, good luck everyone!!!

Team 1
Danielle Cann
Katie Checca
Matt Harris

Team 2
Cheryl Powers
Kim Bartnik
Jen Seabury

Team 3
Bill Goode
Maureen Lexner
John Rotatori

Team 4
Sam Brodeur
Gerri Mathews
Joanne MacNeil

Team 5
Nicole Plante
Lauren Edwards
Jess Godfrey

Team 6
Lindsay Bulso
Kaitlyn Johnson
Emily Johnson

Team 7
Heidi Johnson
Ann Irons
Heather Tenaglia

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