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Wednesday, 04.08.2015

Blog Post Challenge

I am proud to announce that my 7:00am (these guys are near and dear to my heart), stepped up to the plate to win Tuesday’s blog post challenge. Congrats to Joe V, Dave, Cyndi, Adrienne and Bill G who all posted on the blog! I’d like to see the larger classes get more members posting.

5:00am – 83%

7:00am – 100%

9:00am – 80%

12:30pm – 25%

4:45pm – 0% what the heck peeps?!

6:00pm – 50%

7:15pm – 25%


Back Squat, build to a 1RM



Deadlifts (275, 185)

Box Jumps (30, 24)

The blog posting challenge is still on! 7am won yesterday, who is going to step it up today? Post your scores to the comments!

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